Brilliant Mosaic of Action–THE EYE OF GOD by James Rollins

By Piper Bayard In THE EYE OF GOD, James Rollins demonstrates his singular talent at constructing nail biting thrill rides out of ancient history and cutting-edge science. Once again, Sigma Force burns up the pages, racing across the globe [...]

Why Do Readers Read What They Read

WHY DO READERS READ WHAT BOOKS THEY READ? by Vicki Hinze Every now and then, readers and writers are subjected to comments from other people about the reading material they have selected. Some of the comments are from people we know, others [...]

Awesome new Steampunk Holmes iPad App

It’s Sherlock Holmes vs. Captain Nemo in an enhanced iPad adventure book set in a steampunk universe. In an alternative Steampunk universe (c.1885), the plans for Captain Nemo’s mysterious Nautilus submarine have been stolen from [...]

Fast Paced Thriller: Twisting Steele

Twisting Steele is the newest installment of Aaron Patterson and Ellie Ann’s Sarah Steele Thriller series. This fast paced thriller takes place in Rio, where Sarah must face off against a gang of kidnappers. Synopsis: Sarah Steele needs [...]

Bradley Manning: Traitor or Santa Breanna de Baghdad?

By Jay Holmes To anyone following the Bradley Manning case, it is clear that a significant percentage of the public and the vast majority of the media view Private Bradley Manning as a heroic whistleblower. Since Manning’s 2010 arrest for [...]

Ultimate Celebrity Disgrace: The Hail Mary Hoo-Hah

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes Celebrity “wardrobe malfunctions” are appearing in the media with increasing regularity. We’ve noticed these malfunctions seem to occur when a celebrity’s ratings are slipping, and they don’t just involve [...]

Suspect: Ninja Conspirator Susan Spann

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes It’s happened again. It starts with a twitch, and then, before you know it, Holmes and I are kidnapping another author and whisking them away to our secret blog prison. Today, our victim guest is Debut Historical [...]

Firelands, fantastic dystopian thriller

  Debut dystopian thriller author, Piper Bayard, is one to put on your list of must-read authors. In Firelands, she’s created a gritty and unflinching post-apocalyptic world full of violence and danger, yet also weaves in hope and [...]

10 Ways I’d Love My Books To Be Like Flat Stanley

by Jenny Hansen Flat Stanley at the Beach in Carlsbad   If you’re a North American parent with a child in 3rd grade or beyond, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ve heard of Flat Stanley. Just in case you haven’t, here’s [...]

BLOODLINE by James Rollins—Weaving Tapestries of Adventure

By Piper Bayard In James Rollins’ BLOODLINE, futuristic science meets ancient mysticism to produce a non-stop thrill ride that will keep readers turning pages into the wee hours and leave them making excuses to their employers about why they [...]