The Balance of Buddha Nature

“The reason everything looks beautiful is because it is out of balance, but its background is always in perfect harmony. “This is how everything exists in the realm of Buddha nature, losing its balance against a background of perfect [...]

Unhooking: Letting Go of the Story Line

By KM Huber Far too often we get sucked into our emotions, stuck in story lines that repeat and repeat. It causes us pain, emotionally as well as physically. There is a Tibetan word, shenpa, that is often translated as attachment but Pema Chödrön [...]

The Open Mind: Like Water Through Rock

By KM HUBER The open mind, so essential to mindfulness—experiencing without judging—may also be “the gentlest thing in the whole world” (Byron Katie). Not surprisingly, that which is most gentle is most powerful for the open mind, in [...]

The Wonder in the Color of Water

By KM Huber There is such wonder in the color of water for it “…takes on the image of the entire world without ever losing its essential clearness,” whether it is a drop in an ocean, a riffle in a mountain stream, a puddle newly born of [...]

The Art Of Peace, One Deed At A Time

By KM Huber As impossible as peace seems, whether worldwide or within each one of us, there is an art to peace, and if we will recognize that art, we may find a way to global and personal peace. Of course, we start small. Whenever I consider [...]

You Are Enough…and Always Have Been

By KM Huber There is an art to being enough, although most of us struggle to believe that we are ever enough. How can we know? Far too often when we want to see if we measure up in any or all aspects of our lives, we look outside ourselves, [...]

Working With the Reality We Have

By KM Huber When we shift our attention to a memory or a future fantasy, we stray from the present, from what is real. Each moment is all we ever have, and it is more than enough if we stay with it, neither straying to what we have known nor [...]

Immortality: A Matter of Shedding

By KM Huber Shedding is a term I learned from Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening; he is a great teller of stories for he knows their power. One of the early stories of humans shedding their skin comes from the North Borneo Dusuns who believe when [...]

Have You Discovered Your “Life’s Work?”

by Jenny Hansen After last week’s post on autism, I thought I’d explore this topic a bit further in the form of my little brother, Dallas. Dallas is twenty-five years old, going on eight. Although he’s a high-functioning autistic individual, [...]

Defining The Beauty of “Woman”

  What Defines “The Beauty of a Woman?” by Jenny Hansen   The “Beauty of a Woman” Blogfest starts today. Last year, more than 40 people joined in and I’m proud to participate this year. I asked the question: Do Breasts [...]