An Act Fast Opportunity for Inspirational Historical Writers by Vicki Hinze and Elizabeth Mazer   As writers, one of the most difficult challenges is pairing up with the right editor for our work. Once we find the right editor, then we [...]

Breaking Out of the Sameness Writing Rut

BREAKING OUT OF THE SAMENESS WRITING RUT   By   Vicki Hinze     You’ve written a lot of books. Now you’re sensing yourself or hearing from your editor that all of your lead characters sound, think, and act as [...]

Dream. Seek. Soar…

Dream. Seek. Soar…I Dare You by Vicki Hinze     Now and then, we all awaken in “a mood.”  It might be due to outside facts, like what we’ve been exposed to or had pounded into our heads from TV programs [...]

The Power of Clarity

  The Power of Clarity by Vicki Hinze We know the power in clarity, and that its absence is confusion and chaos.  What, then, can we do to create more clarity and less havoc in our lives?   We need to start from an honest place.  No [...]


  PERSONAL POWER By Vicki Hinze   We all have personal power.  At times, we feel our lives are out of control, as if we are helpless and maybe even hopeless.  We get trapped in the clutter of the reality we’ve created and we lose [...]


Follow Your Bliss: Love What You Do by Vicki Hinze   Recently, I spent the entire day doing background work on a fabulous new series: creating settings and the rules of the realm, characters and developing plot lines. I love those days [...]

Everyone Dies. Does Everyone Really Live?

Everyone Dies. Does Everyone Really Live? by Vicki Hinze Braveheart. Mel Gibson. In the movie his character commented that he didn’t want to die, but we all die. We don’t all really live. That was the first time I heard that comment [...]

What’s in Your Body of Work

What’s in Your Body of Work? by Vicki Hinze   I love and collect quotes. I came across one a couple days ago that totally speaks to the writer in me:   “In every work of genius, we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they [...]

Hot-off-the-Press and Already Reviewed? Do New Release Books with Multiple Book Reviews Buy Them?

Hot off the Press and Already Reviewed? Do New Release Books with Multiple Book Reviews Buy Them?   By   Vicki Hinze     A recent cluster of questions from readers prompts this article.  Readers want to know:  1)  A book is hot off [...]

The Summer is Over Blahs!

The Summer is Over Blahs By Vicki Hinze   Summer.  We all have things we associate with summer.  Fun.  Freedom.  Vacations and outdoor activities.  Swimming, biking, the beach, gardening—smelling the roses and their leaves and stems.   Some [...]