GLIMPSES OF LIGHT:  GETTING THROUGH THOSE DARK NIGHTS By Vicki Hinze Yesterday a gentleman told me, “You southern women really are steel magnolias, aren’t you?”   He was surprised at the practical manner in which I was dealing with [...]

1 Day: 1 High Professional High, 1 Low Professional Low

  1 Day:  1 High Professional High, 1 Low Professional Low by Vicki Hinze   In over two decades of mentoring other writers, I’ve experienced a lot.  In over two decades of being a professional writer, I’ve experienced a lot.  [...]


TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW by Vicki Hinze Elmore Leonard recently passed away.   I only met him once, but I learned a lot reading his books.  While he had many admirable traits, I learned one new thing about him after his death:  He didn’t [...]

THE SECRET: Key to Contentment

THE SECRET:  Key to Contentment by Vicki Hinze   In writing, everything is fodder.  If you don’t need it for character, you need it for plot, setting or one of the other basic novel elements.  Where writers tend to have the most [...]

Why Writers Write What They Write When They Write It

WHY WRITERS WRITE WHAT THEY WRITE WHEN THEY WRITE IT by Vicki Hinze Writers are a mixed lot and do what they do for many reasons, but it’s good to speak to specific writers about specific projects to gain insight on why that writer chose [...]

A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity

  A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity by Vicki Hinze   Demands are upon writers, just like everyone else. And in the shifting field our industry has become, the demands are growing more varied and, well, more demanding. Things [...]

Getting Creative

GETTING CREATIVE by Vicki Hinze   We’re in a new day, and that means many of the classic approaches no longer work. Writers now must write good, strong quality stories and continue to be creative in letting readers know those books [...]

The Value of a Penny

The Value of a Penny  by Vicki Hinze © 2013, Vicki Hinze   Once upon a time there was a man named Charlie.  He had a wife, children and grandchildren.  Charlie lived his values, his children lived theirs, and he hoped his grandchildren [...]


TRUST by Vicki Hinze We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. ~Plato   I started out this morning with the idea to write an article on trust. Right now, trust [...]

Why a Writer’s Early Works are Most Original

   Why An Author’s Early Works are Most Original by Vicki Hinze   When an author first begins sharing his or her writing, s/he has most freedom in the writing.  There are no expectations to be met—none by a publisher, none [...]